About MathsOne Olympiad

MathsOne Olympiad is a knowledge-based aptitude test, conducted every year, by MathsOne to spot, inspire and reward talented students in mathematics across the country and aid them in fulfilling their dreams. This unique venture helps the students to showcase their talents at the national level and filters the country's top math talents through a comprehensive evaluation.

The aim of MathsOne Olympiad is to nurture young minds into exceptional talents in mathematics and inculcate among the students an affinity towards mathematical learning. MathsOne Olympiad focuses on all the topics, related to mathematics so that the students acquire not only a strong mathematical foundation but also the ability to perform well in all the competitive examinations. It will surely boost the confidence and self-believe of the young learners and create a healthy competition among them.

Objectives of MathsOne Olympiad

  • To identify young talents by testing their understanding, level of knowledge as well as the ability to find alternate solutions and apply them in everyday life and thereby motivating them to strive for excellence.
  • To stimulate curiosity and enthusiasm in students so as to explore the unusual mathematical problems as well as to enhance their analytical and reasoning ability so that they can widen their critical thinking, problem-solving skills and confidence.
  • To enhance math knowledge, IQ and performances through various assessments as well as to cultivate a unique type of creative and logical thinking in order to score high marks in the competitive examinations.