Faculty Perspective

Teaching at MathsOne is more than just a job, it is a passion. As a teacher, an individual is pushed to the limits of normal teaching methods. At MathsOne we believe in the motto a student is the reflection of the teacher. Hence utmost care has to be taken while the teacher presents themselves to the students. It’s challenging but rewarding.

The teacher’s duty is not limited to class hours but beyond that, the teacher has to learn the best possible way to convey the idea to each individual student. As described earlier at MathsOne we strive to make each student the best, to that effect it is the duty of the teacher to prepare a topic plan such that no traces of confusion remains on the students mind as to how to approach the problem. At MathsOne each teacher has to get to know their students individually. There are always conflicts in young minds that they are reluctant to discuss or convey to others. At MathsOne all teachers, students and management is considered as one big family. We already had a few incidents when the students opened up their personal problems to the teachers, and we were discreetly able to solve it. These students then experienced an upward graph in their problem.

It is the duty of the teachers to discover and analyze the most demanding math problems for their order. The teachers just like all the students are privy to all the reference materials available for the public worldwide. The teacher has to then practice the problem themselves before they can pass it on their order. Teachers also have a weekly assessment.

All the materials developed by the teachers are also added to the library. It won’t be long before MathsOne has authentic books of its own aimed specifically at mastering each nook and corner of the subject concerned.

The teachers are also in charge of maintaining the assessment records of each student, not only in academics but character wise as well. The teachers also have to take steps to refine their communication skills along with the students. They must take special care not to show even the slightest discrimination among students. Even when it comes to random question they must take utmost care not to specifically select a student, it must be random. No student must be praised or criticize before others, because knowingly or unknowingly it may lead to depression or a sense of insignificance. For a teacher at MathsOne all students are the same, there is no concept of a teacher’s pet, and to avoid that, the teaching techniques adopted will see to that all students are in the 100 percentile.

And standardization of a dress code is also to be maintained. A professional dress code brings out the professional inside. There is a saying “Manners maketh MAN”. At MathsOne the Teachers are the guiding light, the role model for all others. They are expected to behave as such, not only to students but to everyone inside and outside the campus.