Facts of Light Speed

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Facts of Light Speed

Growing up we all learned that the speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second. We were also taught that this is the fastest any object could travel in our universe. But has any of you thought why this is so?

A common misconception is thinking the speed of light is just like any other finite speed which isn’t the case. The speed of light is a universal constant and it only finite from the perspective of the outside observer. If you were a photon, things would be happening to you in an instant. When we say that the rays of the sun take 8 minutes to reach earth, we are not wrong as outside observers but to the proton that originated from the sun, it has reached earth instantaneously. This is because the concept of time is non-existent at that speed. Time slows for you as you get closer to light speed, and at it, it completely stops.

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