Student Perspective

A student coming from an average school is awed by the facilities and learning at MathsOne. When the first time he enters MathsOne campus, he/she is slightly baffled by the simplicity in exterior layout, the cleanliness and playground. And then the student enters into the class. Of course there is the new automated finger scan attendance. A new feel!. Not to mention the premium ID card. More than proud to display and wear it, perhaps even to school. Once inside the class the story changes completely. The exterior simplicity now gives way to technology.

Every classroom is equipped with the State of the art ICT technologies, such as Digital podium, Smart interactive touch boards, projector, and models required to help the students to visualize what they are learning. The best in class Educational ERP, Eduflex to assist them even further. Every student is required to keep their schedule; there is the modern attendance recorder in form of a biometric attendance system. The punch in and out of each student is registered. The students are expected to punch in when reaching the MathsOne campus and out only when they are about to leave the campus.

And while inside the class, there is a different atmosphere, it’s unfamiliar from the normal school classes. Here the teachers not only command certain respect, but also return the same. At MathsOne the students are not just students, but a coworker or a part of the family. The teachers are specially trained to that effect.

Now let’s get to learning. We all have that time while in school when we wondered why we are even trying to learn the thing that the teacher is trying so hard to teach us. If not then something is definitely wrong with you. If yes, then MathsOne has the answer for that!. The first step at MathsOne before entering into any topic is the explanation of what is going to be taught, the purpose, the real world application and so on. Every aspect is covered from every perspective. Admit it, when we were in our school life there were lot of topics we wondered why we are bothering to learn. These topics were probably the most difficult for us to grasp, and the reason is we were not motivated enough to learn it, our brain was psyched to see it as something which serves no purpose in future. And naturally if a work tends not to yield any profit or result then as economically thinking beings, we discourage it. But what if it had a hidden agenda or purpose that is beyond our then scope of understanding, what if we were presented with the purpose of that seemingly unimportant topic, even before our natural inner consciousness wrote it off as futile. At MathsOne we take care to that effect. Each and every topic is given a prologue, which will motivate to learn better.

The next step we enter into the actual topic. Well, the teacher is the one who makes the real effort here. The aim of MathsOne is to have the students learn to do the math subconsciously, and to that effect the problems are worked out in four steps. The teacher first works out a problem from the prescribed text book and subsequently almost all problems in the prescribed text book will be solved by the students. Teaching assistants will provide individual support as and when required for the students. This is then followed by a set of problems from the reference text books, which is then tailed by new questions and explanations. The last step is where it really pays off, the teacher has to create a math problem on their own without referring any material, text or online content. This problem will be unique to MathsOne. The advantage of such an approach is that the students have now experience from four different perspectives; not disregarding the ICT aided learning. By this point even a below average student should have grasped the concept of the problem.

The promise at MathsOne is to be the best in what we do, and what we do results in nothing but the best.

Then there is the library, with all the latest and the oldest mathematics books available in the market. The students are free to utilize the library at their convenience, keeping in mind that the class hour per day does not exceed 3 hours. If the students have free time in between their schedule then they can utilize the extra facilities at MathsOne.

Then there is the recreational activities and playground. At MathsOne we understand that the academic life is not just about learning what is in the texts, but the world and art as well. Students are encouraged to draw, play, make models etc. There are games targeted at improving the logical & critical thinking and perception such as chess, caroms etc. The models created by students are always kept at MathsOne for display, so that one day their legacy can come and visit MathsOne and witness it.